Tech-Deep-Dive: How Kitekraft Solves Aerodynamics

Aerodynamics is an interesting and one of the most challenging fields of science and engineering. You can even win $1 million if you can contribute to the understanding of the underlying math. In this blog post we want to share our take on it!


Do We Need Flying Wind Turbines? (Spoiler: Absolutely!)

In this blog post we talk about different technologies that play a role in solving the climate crisis, because this is not a one-technology show. However, the differences between the different technologies can be significant and also vary a lot when looking at different metrics. This time, we'll put the focus on material usage - inspired by Bill Gates' new book "How to avoid a climate disaster".


How to Develop Flying Wind Turbines Quickly and Cost-Efficiently?

In August this year, we celebrated the milestone of flying figure eights for the first time with our kite. In this blog post, we share some of the ingredients that enabled this fast pace development.


Taking over the Baton from Makani

With Makani's discontinuation we make use of their data open-sourcing and reflect on their achievements, possible mistakes, and our interpretation and anticipation of them.


Kitekraft Completes Flight in Figure-Eights

We hit a major milestone by completing our first figure-eight flight. We are proud that we came to this point in just over one year after company foundation. Below is a video.


Digitizing Energy Generation

We are proud to announce that Kitekraft is a winner of the “Gründerwettbewerb Digitale Innovationen” (a startup competition on digital innovations) awarded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy.


Kitekraft Takes Off — With Y Combinator and Beyond

With this blog post we want to share the latest developments around Kitekraft and how this idea is literally “taking off” and became a reality.


The Kitekraft Master Plan

Find out about the idea behind Kitekraft's approach: Enabled by our efficient design we want to start with smaller systems. Then scale up. Then scale up again. And continue to do so until we reach the MW range.


Which Energy Technology has the Lowest CO2-Footprint?

Renewable energy technologies must take over the global energy generation quickly, so that we achieve the 2 °C goal and prevent the tipping of our planet’s climate. But which energy technology has the lowest CO2-footprint, i.e. which energy technology is the cleanest?


Kitekraft Unveils 5kW Kite

Today’s energy generation is dirty. Renewable energy technologies are not yet cost-effective enough and are therefore not deployed fast enough. According to climate scientists, only a few decades are left to reduce global anthropogenic CO2 emissions to zero, so that we achieve the 2°C goal and prevent the tipping of our planet’s climate. This is a short time span for achieving such a goal, which is only possible through improved renewable energy technologies.