kiteKRAFT Calculator

With this calculator you can estimate the CO2-savings and economic efficiency of a kiteKRAFT system for your location.* Results are highlighted in grey and are updated directly with each of your inputs.

1. Installation Site

1.1 Mean Wind Speed

Enter the mean wind speed at 100 m altitude for the site where you want to install your kiteKRAFT system. You can find that value e.g. on A typical mean wind speed in central Europe is 6.5 m/s, for a coastal site it is up to 9.0 m/s.


1.2 Current Electricity Price

Enter your current electricity price below. In Germany, the current electricity costs are approximately 25 EUR-ct/kWh (net).


2. Selection of Your kiteKRAFT System

Choose the size of your kiteKRAFT system. It should only produce as much energy as you can consume, i.e. 100 % self-consumption. You can see your own current energy consumption in your last electricity bill. Moreover, there must also be enough space for the kiteKRAFT system.

2.1 Selection of Your kiteKRAFT System According to its Energy Yield

2.2 Review of the Necessary Ground Area


Legend: flight zone, safety zone, ground station, tether length L1 =  m, minimum safety zone diameter L2 =  m, maximum flight altitude L3 =  m, minimum flight angle A1 =  °.

Note: the whole area, except for the small ground station, may be used e.g. for agricultural purposes.

3. CO2 Savings

The selected kiteKRAFT system generates so much clean energy at your site every year that you save:

 t CO2

Over 20 years of operation, this is:

 t CO2

For comparison: every central-European citizen emits on average about 9 t CO2/year.

4. Economics

4.1 Capital Expenditures

The list price (net) of the selected kiteKRAFT system is:


The list price includes: 1. turnkey delivery and commissioning, 2. permits (with 2.000 EUR cap), 3. transport (with 1.000 EUR cap), 4. grid connection (with 2.000 EUR cap).

4.2 Operating Expenditures

There are annual costs, e.g. for overhauls and insurance. The operating costs per year correspond to approx. 2 to 3 % of the list price, i.e. for the selected kiteKRAFT system approximately:


4.3 Revenues

The selected kiteKRAFT system generates energy at your location with an equivalent value of:


5. Profitability

Result after 20 years of operation (sum of total revenues minus total operating costs minus purchase price):


Payback period:


Calculated electricity price (net) of the kiteKRAFT system:


If you are from Upper Bavaria or surroundings, we can make you a special offer due to your proximity to our business premises. Contact us for this!

6. Request a Quote

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Additonal notes (optional):

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* System sizes (rated powers), sizes of the required ground area, and list prices are provisional and subject to change. This is not a binding offer. Additional costs may apply for certain locations. There is only a limited contingent available for discounts. The calculation of costs, revenues and profitability is based on simple assumptions and calculations and does not replace a more detailed analysis. The CO2 savings are based on the values given in our blog assuming UCTE grid mix as baseline.